Lawncare-lawn sodding-grass-cutting-shrubs and trees planting, hedge and trees trimming service in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville

New lawn sodding and seeding inToronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville


Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville.

Sodding Services is a professional sod installation contractor supplying  homeowners, building contractors, condominiums, rental apartment buildings in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville areas with high quality, farm fresh professionally installed sod.


Our Sod Installation Service includes either the removal of the old sod and weeds or a thorough roto - tilling of the existing sod into the soil. This will depend on the amount of existing grass on the property. We then bring in a top quality soil and grade the property correctly by filling in any low spots and removing any high spots that may have formed over the years. This will ensure you will have an exceptional looking lawn when we install our high quality sod.


The next step in the sod installation process is to compact the soil with a lawn roller. This is an important step in the sod service installation because compacting the soil now will allow you to walk on the lawn without leaving huge footprint impressions in the soil when you will be cutting the lawn. Once the area is graded, compacted and prepared for the new sod we apply an appropriate lawn starter fertilizer to help the sod root system take to the soil.


The final step in the sod installation process is to lay down the finest high quality sod in the business, staggering the edges of the farm fresh sod in a brick pattern, to avoid one long seam in the lawn, and then compressing the sod by going over it with a sod roller. When a section of newly installed sod is put down in a big enough area we will immediately begin watering the sod. This will prevent the sod installation from drying out and give the sod a much better chance at establishing itself quicker. This sod installation process continues the same way until the entire area is installed.


Green Thumbs Canada takes exceptional care in every phase of the sod contractor installation process which ensures that all of our clients not only receive the highest quality, farm fresh sod available but will also get that beautiful new lawn they expect after contracting our professional sod installation services. We would be proud to serve you as a professional sodding service contractor for your next sod service installation. Our service is always courteous, professional and competitive.

Price: $2.50  per sq.ft. plus GST sod, soil and fertilizer are included.

Grading, levelling and amendments if necessary, is charged extra.


Lawncare-lawn sodding-grass-cutting-shrubs and trees planting hedge and trees trimming service in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville

Yard Clean up is a general tiding up of your yard.

A typical Yard Clean Up includes one or more of the following services: Mowing an  overgrown lawn, pulling weeds, clean up of neglected flowerbeds, trimming shrubs, cultivating the Flower beds soil, raking up yard debris, picking up pine needles, getting rid of fallen branches, rotting fruit on the lawn, etc.

Whatever it is, if its yard maintenance, we can do it.

A yard clean up that looks after all the neglected areas of your lawn will have strikingly pleasant results when all done !

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